Meet the Altenburger Professionals


Ambitious, Open-Minded, Reliable

You are entitled to expect a lot from us. And we are committed to deliver. You are looking for exceptional service and high ethical standards. You need a forward-looking and audacious partner. And you certainly want your legal team to be available when you need it.

At Altenburger, you will meet a high-performing team. We are experts in all matters of business law. Most of us have gained experience abroad. We speak several languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

Combining Structure and Flexibility

The law is composed of rules. It follows frameworks and patterns that must be respected. Analytical thinking and a structured approach are part of our DNA.

But we go further. The creativity of humans is vastly superior to the flexibility of the legal system. To most problems there are no textbook solutions. To reach your goal, we respond with the same level of creativity and courage. Your Altenburger experts use the appropriate blend of applying the structure and breaking new ground.

Now That You’ve Met Our Team...