Employment Law

Creating a framework where talent and managers thrive together

Whether you're a listed company, a non-profit organization or a SME, managing people is often the biggest challenge. In your strategy to achieve success in business, attracting top talent and motivating people to deploy their potential is as important as managing your core business efficiently.

And, to use the words of Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Culture is what makes people come, stay or go. Well aware of that, our Employment Law Team has developed a particular expertise in the field of employment law and employment-related matters to create a framework which fits your company's culture and where managers and talent thrive together.

We believe that law can bring people together.

With this vision, our Employment Law Team advises and assists you in negotiating, drafting and reviewing all contractual documents related to employment law, setting up personalized executive compensation schemes, advising on all aspects of social security law and representing employers as well as employees in judicial and arbitration proceedings.

In line with our own culture, we seek as much as possible to resolve employment disputes amicably and avoid costly and painful litigation. However, because litigation is sometimes inevitable, we also strive to be ready for a fight by always keeping up-to-date with and anticipating legal developments, court judgements and, last but not least, market trends.

Our Employment Law Practice Group consists of cross-cultural and multilingual lawyers assisting you in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano. Where appropriate, we work together with your colleagues from the Commercial & Corporate, Corporate and M&A and Dispute Resolution Teams.

Range of Services

  • Customized employment contracts and guidelines
  • Executive compensation and employee participation schemes
  • Representing employers, entrepreneurs and executives in employment law disputes (litigation, arbitration and mediation)
  • Outsourcing and placement of workers
  • Cross-border acquisitions, restructurings and reorganization
  • Human Resources compliance
  • Data protection
  • In-house training
  • Work permits
  • Social security and taxes

Selected Cases

  • Assisting and guiding the board of directors of a Swiss company with over 2'000 employees in a global HR internal investigation
  • Complex crossbording residency planning and relocation of a High-net-worth individual
  • Assisting in the negotiation and implementation of various redundancy programs with evaluation of mass dismissal procedures
  • Assisting various asset management companies in negotiations and settlements with employees and top managers
  • Assisting an international real estate group in relocating its management and key employees to Switzerland
  • Assisting an asset management company in restructuring and implementing its remuneration and bonus schemes
  • Assisting an international organization's executive in a complex crossboarding dismissal labour law case
  • Assisting a FinTech company on drafting and implementing an Employee Participation Scheme
  • Assisting a FinTech company on drafting and implementing its data protection policy

For a complete or field specific list of cases, please get in touch with us.

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