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Russia / Eurasia

Russia / Eurasia

Russia/Eurasia – Switzerland Business Advisory

We provide full-service legal and tax advice for corporate and private clients from Russia, Eurasia and Switzerland or with interests in these countries.

Do you...

  • …seek legal and tax advice to start or develop your business activities, invest or execute M&A transactions in and between Switzerland and Russia/Eurasia?
  • ...need international immigration and tax advice concerning relocation to Switzerland?
  • …require assistance with tax matters such as Swiss corporate and individual taxation, tax audits, reclaim of Swiss withholding tax or exchange of information regarding a Swiss bank account?
  • …need to resolve a dispute involving counterparties or assets located in Switzerland or Russia/Eurasia?
  • …have questions about Swiss banking law and financial regulation?

Altenburger is here to provide you with answers and solutions!

We are experts with many years of experience serving our clients who range from individuals to multi-national companies. Aware of our clients' needs and concerns, our Switzerland – Russia/Eurasia Team strives to provide more than just legal and tax advice by bridging the linguistic and cultural gap. Our clients count on us for practical advice in Russian, English, German, French and Italian.

Because success involves teamwork, we maintain an extensive network of law firms and service providers worldwide who are experienced in dealing with Russia and Eurasia-related issues. We also maintain excellent relationships with renowned Swiss and international family offices, trust companies and financial service providers.

Our services include:

Corporate Law and Taxation

  • Transactions and M&A
  • Tax analysis and tax structuring
  • Tax optimization
  • Company relocation from and to Switzerland
  • Incorporation and international corporate restructuring
  • Tax litigation
  • Mutual agreement procedures
  • Tax compliance and filings
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial agreements
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings
  • Work permits and employment law

Private Clients and Personal Taxation

  • International tax planning
  • Immigration law and citizenship advisory
  • Cross-border tax advice and tax rulings
  • Double-tax treaty matters
  • Asset structuring and asset protection
  • Succession planning
  • International social security
  • Retirement planning
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Tax disputes
  • Self-employment and investment
  • Transactions involving real estate
  • Planning and implementing relocation to or from Switzerland
  • Inheritance tax matters
  • Exchange of information in tax matters

Dispute Resolution and White-Collar Crime

  • Court litigation, international arbitration and commercial mediation
  • Fraud, asset recovery and attachment of assets  
  • Enforcement of foreign decisions and arbitral awards

Banking and Financial Services

  • Banking law and disputes
  • Insurance law
  • Financial regulation

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