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Private Nutzung von Geschäftsfahrzeugen – Änderungen der Berufskostenverordnung
New minimum wage in Geneva: challenges for employers
"Three-Thirds Model" - The City of Zurich supports Zurich's Commercial Sector through Rent Contributions
Altenburger: Sempre più internazionali
Favorit - The Guide for Russian-speaking people in Switzerland
Switzerland and Italy sign new agreement on the taxation of frontier workers
The Looming End of LIBOR – Fallback Protocols and Transition to Alternative Reference Rates
Die Kraft der Philanthropie
Fraudulent transfer orders: the limits of abnormality
FINMA authorization for portfolio managers and trustees: how to prepare the authorization request?
The Power of Female Philanthropy: From Music to the Arts (date: 10 September 2020)
GSCGI: authorisation process for asset managers (date: 18 September 2020)
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New rules for equal pay analysis as of 1 July 2020
P’tit Déjeuner de la Médiation – Avant-projet de loi sur la médiation à Genève
La protezione di un marchio svizzero all'estero
La médiation successorale - mediation in the inheritance context
Autorisation FINMA des gestionnaires de fortune et des trustees: guide pratique
Conference: Manage the client investor in crypto-actives: regulatory and operational issues
Webinar: "Russia and Switzerland in an era of transparency"
P’tit Déjeuner de la Médiation - Mediation in a time of Covid 19: what’s changed, what can we do about it?
Altenburger partner of corona-legal.ch
Gli accordi verticali in materia di concorrenza
Legge sul Tribunale federale svizzero - 1a parte
Bilanz/Le Temps – Altenburger amongst the best law firms

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