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Business Italy – Switzerland

The Business Italy - Switzerland Team advises you as a competent partner in all matters related to doing business in Switzerland and Italy.

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Business Russia – Switzerland

Do you have business interests in Russia and Switzerland? Our Business Russia - Switzerland Team advises you on a broad range of legal and tax matters.

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Massimo CalderanPortrait of Melissa Gautschi

Luzius CaveltiPortrait of Melissa Gautschi

Melissa GautschiPortrait of Melissa Gautschi

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Our current activities


  • La procedura civile e il sistema giudiziario svizzero - 1a parte

    Massimo Calderan,  La Rivista,  107/2016, n. 4


  • Registrazione della durata del lavoro

    Massimo Calderan,  La Rivista,  107/2016, n. 3



New Senior Associate: Isabelle Chassé

New Associate: Anna Bessonova


ARIF Seminar: "Mise on Oeuvre des Modifications LBA"

Helsinki International Arbitration Day: Time to change our mindsets and think outside the (tool) box?

Luzius Cavelti will be speaking at the joint seminar of the Camera di Commercio Italiana per la Svizzera (CCIS) and the Europa Institut of the University of Zurich (EIZ)

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