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Business Italy – Switzerland

The Business Italy - Switzerland Team advises you as a competent partner in all matters related to doing business in Switzerland and Italy.

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Business Russia – Switzerland

Do you have business interests in Russia and Switzerland? Our Business Russia - Switzerland Team advises you on a broad range of legal and tax matters.

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Our current activities


  • Loi sur les services financiers et Loi sur les établissements financiers: quels changements pour les gérants de fortune indépendants?

    Stéphanie Hodara El BezCecilia Peregrina,  The IFA’s WealthGram,  N°32, September 2014


  • Financial Services Act and Financial Institutions Act: what changes to expect for independent asset managers?

    Stéphanie Hodara El BezMelissa GautschiCecilia PeregrinaSophie Winkler,  ALTENBURGER Newsletter,  September 2014



Berner Kommentar Binnenschiedsgerichtsbarkeit – Daniel Marugg mit Anna Neukom Chaney, Julia Jung Utzinger und Carolina Keller Jupitz


Academy & Finance seminar on “Foreign tax crimes, money laundering and criminal proceedings abroad“

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